paul harding tinkers cover

Grousing Around with Paul Harding’s Tinkers

As he flexes his reading muscles again, Sartoris has rummaged through all the likely places, including, of course, the recent Pulitzers. Harding’s recent Tinkers certainly looked appealing. Such a short book to win a big prize, and such encomia. Sartoris applauds the effort, but found some challenges as a reader.

harry potter order of the phoenix cover

The author’s in charge — isn’t she?

Sometimes authors give their readers a peek behind the scenes. And sometimes the readers say “thanks but no thanks.” Can an author really claim she did something “wrong” with a story? Doesn’t this undermine her standing as the Prime Mover, the Higgs Boson of her fictional world? Such are the questions posed in a column over on The Millions, which deals with what one reader felt was some over-sharing on the part of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.