Tom Kealey, Thieves I've Known

Tom Kealey, Thieves I’ve Known

I’m reading a lot of short fiction lately. This fact surprises me. For years I’ve found the form distressingly miniature. Worse, quiescent. These are different.

Lorrie Moore, Bark

Lorrie Moore, Bark

The stories in Lorrie Moore’s collection Bark might be subtitled “Things That Are Not Enough, and What To Do About Them”.

What I Don't Like: The Alchemyst

What I Don’t Like: The Alchemyst

Story trumps everything. I get that. But when I see a good story, or even a decent one, blighted by bad prose, it just makes me want to cry.

What I Like: The Scorpio Races

What I Like: The Scorpio Races

Sartoris is earnestly trying to follow the advice of agents and publishers who thunder that you need to read a hundred titles in your chosen genre before shopping your manuscript around. Or a hundred fifty, depending on whom you ask….


Noble Obscurity: The Fiction of Richard Stern

Many exceptional authors and critics praised Richard Stern’s fiction. Not so many people read very much of it. Why?